met her last….

She is so nice..

My cousin tried to make us re-unite once more, the reason he got with him made me realised only after a long gap. met her last at the railway station. i was waiting for her, she has come now. we two where seeing each other and i become so nervous, want to talk a lot to her, want to spend some valuable time with her. “Ego” yes may be ego or fear to talk to her. gave her that cam&am blank. a train came and i was thinking weather i can catch the train atleast then i have a reason not to speak to her. she sked me “How are you?” the strange thing is she is not alone. i jus said my train has come so shall i??. thats it, never turned back. i got into a running train, want to turn back but did not!!

Me-doesnt know that will be my last meet. should have turned back atleast once after getting into the train. After all thats life.. we really have to turn-back sometimes not to miss something valuable.

Miss u J – My all time best friend!!

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those sweet old days spent with my beloved ones

Having a beloved person, he/she should have done some good deeds in his/her previous life.

It is really beautiful to have one like that.

we will be in our all time high
we tend to do anything for them
we feel so proud/happy
we will have a feeling of more self-worthy
after all, the feelings which we have then, its price-less

the day we first met, the second we introduced ourselves, when we got each others number, slowly starting to message each other, exchanging likes/dislikes, first hesitation to call, will call them, but the strange doubts arises as to what to speak.

after all these, we will plan for our first meet, will meet.. as time goes, we will become close friends- chatting calling meeting sharing understanding……………….. nice days.

The day comes, now we two are close buddies, we know each other as nobody knows better than we do

if we look back, its really surprising to see that, in getting to gether we have crossed several years, its really a great thing to criss-cross all the petty clashes, ego’s, mis-understanding and goes on………

But whats that? what happens to those strong relationship’s? first of all, its even strange to think that even these relationships fail??!!! 😦

If we try to analyse it, one life is not sufficient. we will think, think by forgetting this world, will feel, feel harder and deeper. and slowly we will forget those nice buddies. again, if we look back. its been a long time went under this.

but we will remember them now and then. sometimes we will leave tears and sometimes we will laugh at ourselves by remembering those sweet days spent with them.

late night sleeping, especially for them
sharing food
holding there hands and going for a long walk where there is no one by thinking not about this world
commenting on strangers
waiting for them

hmmmmmmm.. miss those boosting/heart cracking days with them. think they will never come back, even if they do. i dont think the same strength prevails. but afcourse, we will get a better one when we lost one. but defenently not the one like we had

My dear frineds, dont miss them for any reason. try to stand for them, but dont lose them.
🙂 🙂

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water in petrol tank!!

Hi guys, this is one of the memory i can never forget in my life.

This incident happened after we as in me&my cousin saw a old regional movie. in that movie the hero pours water in the car’s petrol tank to run it in reverse and alcohol to move on the buildings.

as we are so young, we just experimented in my grand paa’s scooter. we were v.happy for the experiment we made, and was very eagerly awaiting for my grand paa to start the vehicle. we cant stop/limit our expectations to see how my grandpaa will go in reverse. all went fine till he tried to cross the street. an angry paa came back to home, as we are the only two crazy guys as everyone believes they confirmed that we are the duo who did that great job.  our two hearts are filled with deadly fear. OMG!! time god, as that day was a ritual of my relative, they left us alone. ha ha ha..we still remember that sweet memory. my uncle has put a tube inside and was sucking and sucking and sucking….lol, its an un-forgettable memory!!!! 🙂 🙂

Lol what if we had alcohol, he saved his bike as we are not old enough to have got alcohol.

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my sweet old days

My Sweet Old Days

Sitting down to think is quite new to me

But the memories that come around are quite old.

Giving endless happiness without a fold.

Beautiful memories adorn the world

Open my heart to see

How i was in joy

How i was filled with friends

How i had my love

But now it is in disguise

And chose to be all alone.

I dint choose to say good bye

But its fate that forced things.

But I guess it always pops out.

I thank the rain that helps

Hiding these thoughts has always been my wish

Hiding the tears when i am nostalgic.

Open my heart to see

How i was in joy

How i was filled with friends

How i had my love

But now it is in disguise

And choose to be all alone.

– Manoj

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Memories: We travel in a journey called life. will come across so many things, of all that a beautiful part which plays in our life, as sweet as we hear. some have beautiful, some have strange. whatever may be the that but still it plays a very beautiful&meaningful role in everyone’s life.

It gets deep into the heart,lands as a seed, grows as a plant, stands
by itself as grown, forms into bushes so as to give shadow to others
like a tree. its does all this and lot more. You are not reading
anything related to aliens, its just which is our part of our life, its
beautiful yet strange, its wonderful yet un-bear…

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Hello world!

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