water in petrol tank!!

Hi guys, this is one of the memory i can never forget in my life.

This incident happened after we as in me&my cousin saw a old regional movie. in that movie the hero pours water in the car’s petrol tank to run it in reverse and alcohol to move on the buildings.

as we are so young, we just experimented in my grand paa’s scooter. we were v.happy for the experiment we made, and was very eagerly awaiting for my grand paa to start the vehicle. we cant stop/limit our expectations to see how my grandpaa will go in reverse. all went fine till he tried to cross the street. an angry paa came back to home, as we are the only two crazy guys as everyone believes they confirmed that we are the duo who did that great job.  our two hearts are filled with deadly fear. OMG!! time god, as that day was a ritual of my relative, they left us alone. ha ha ha..we still remember that sweet memory. my uncle has put a tube inside and was sucking and sucking and sucking….lol, its an un-forgettable memory!!!! 🙂 🙂

Lol what if we had alcohol, he saved his bike as we are not old enough to have got alcohol.


About thoselivememories

everyone will have memories. some will have unforgettable, but some will have strange. But what ever the reason can be, memories are memories. we must try to learn the art of living with those.
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