met her last….

She is so nice..

My cousin tried to make us re-unite once more, the reason he got with him made me realised only after a long gap. met her last at the railway station. i was waiting for her, she has come now. we two where seeing each other and i become so nervous, want to talk a lot to her, want to spend some valuable time with her. “Ego” yes may be ego or fear to talk to her. gave her that cam&am blank. a train came and i was thinking weather i can catch the train atleast then i have a reason not to speak to her. she sked me “How are you?” the strange thing is she is not alone. i jus said my train has come so shall i??. thats it, never turned back. i got into a running train, want to turn back but did not!!

Me-doesnt know that will be my last meet. should have turned back atleast once after getting into the train. After all thats life.. we really have to turn-back sometimes not to miss something valuable.

Miss u J – My all time best friend!!


About thoselivememories

everyone will have memories. some will have unforgettable, but some will have strange. But what ever the reason can be, memories are memories. we must try to learn the art of living with those.
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